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Feedback on the Apple Watch from my kids

What do two teenagers think about the Apple Watch after owning it for a few months? What are the top three things that each identifies as the best feature that they appreciate about the Apple Watch?

Thanksgiving 2013

Top 5 things, people and spiritual mile markers for which I’m thankful…

Ode to Steve

I was recently called a “Mac troll” by a friend. It happened after I posted this link to my “Geeks” circle on Google+. I don’t know if he’s aware that he’s in my geek circle. He should be proud. If… Continue Reading →

Review: CrazyOnDigital Folio Case for iPad

It’s not too often that I review a product, and this will be short and sweet, but after plunking down a wad of dough for our iPad, I promptly began puttering around for some iPad protection. One thing you’ll discover… Continue Reading →

iPad update

It’s been about three weeks since we got our iPad, and I thought I’d share what we’re continuing to learn from it and our use of it. It really is in the process of revolutionizing how/when/where I digest information and… Continue Reading →

iNeed iNsight about iPhone vs iPad

We’re almost ready to pull the trigger on an iPad at our house. Carolyn and I are going to “share” one as our 18th anniversary present. But we’re selling stuff first. Here’s where we need help… With the new data… Continue Reading →

iPhone 3G S song…

OK, yes, I’d take one. No, I won’t pay for one until I’m eligible for a full upgrade. But this guy is my hero.

Review: Groups app for iPhone

I used to write reviews for iPhone apps for the website appropriately titled (now It’s a fantastic site to keep up with the good and terrible of apps for the iPhone. For every $.99 jewel, there are about… Continue Reading →

How to clean your Mighty Mouse

A piece of paper… and perhaps a damp Q-Tip. It works.

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