Again, I thought I’d post about the effect of your prayers.

(1/20/11): For God to move in His people at Northstar this week as we have our “State of the Church” Sunday.

This past Sunday, we had a fantastic turnout at Northstar, but greater than that was our privilege to make much of our great God. I resolved last week as I finalized preparation to focus my proclamation efforts to focus all attention on the God of our church rather than the goals of our church. It’s irresponsible to magnify a church. People are not inspired or touched by church. They’re inspired by discovering a relationship with the Creator of the church.

From the comments about this message, I believe that your prayers and my meager attempts were blessed and answered. Thank you again for praying!

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Table of contents for Prayer Results

  1. Proof of prayer’s effectiveness
  2. Thanks for praying