The Bible Belt Is Off

Matt Parker came by Journey today (that makes like 72 times this week! – awesome to hang out with you, bro!) Our church has been meeting in the local 6-screen movie theater for worship for the past 7 months. We’ve been praying and seeking for a more convenient place to meet for several weeks now. The realtor company that we are leasing our current offices/children’s space from in the Wal-Mart shopping center callled yesterday. After initially telling us “no,” they gave us the green light to do a month-to-month lease in the vacant space next to Stage, which is only one store over from our current spot. Wow!

Matt, JB, Phillip, Doug, and myself spent an hour today moving all our sound equipment from the movie theater to the new location. It was during this time that I took this picture on my Audiovox SMT 5600 phone…Image_001 It’s Matt holding his belt up to JB… Matt, you won’t be needing that much longer, by the way. Keep up the good work! Visit him at and watch him blog away the pounds. By the way, thanks to Justin Baeder at radicalcongruency for giving Matt’s blog the nod yesterday! If you’re a blogger and could take the time to point others to Matt’s site to give him added accountabillity and encouragement, please do so!

Yes, I’m a tech geek
Speaking of the Audiovox phone… I got in on the beta testing program of Missing Sync for Windows Mobile. As a Mac guy, I was excited about testing this new piece of software that touts its ability to sync your Windows Mobile device with your Mac. I’d used Pocketmac with some success before this, but I wanted to try something that didn’t install a bunch of stuff all over your system. Let me say at this point though, that Missing Sync just isn’t there yet. Yes, they’ve got a commercial release, but while some are able to sync relatively well with it, there are still another group of folks with no success whatsoever. Save your money and buy a phone that will sync through iSync is my recommendation.

Nuff said!

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  1. Matthew says:
    If I am shedding pounds and the clothes are getting looser … won’t I need that belt even more than I do now. Just a thought.
  2. Jim says:
    I can’t tell you how encouraging it was to be with you guys at Journey a couple of weeks ago. You guys have great church with a great heart. I think that you might be holding that wood grain “swoosh” upside down. I looks more like a giant wooden eye brow to me. Perhaps from a being beyond our own planetary system, left behind as a means of making initial contact with us. Kind of like removing an eye lash from someone’s face and having them blow it off your finger and make a wish, you know? Anyway, Thanks for having me over at Journey. I love your blog.

    Jim Parker

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