The value of dirt…

Randy has done it again over at Stuff I Think. A short, brief entry that makes me scratch my head, and go, “Wow.”

I’ve made a “private” entry over at for “family and friends.” My address there is If you’re not on the list, you can’t see it. If you want to be on the “family or friends” list, please send $1000 or leave an encouraging comment to explain why you want to be part of my family or my friend. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Just a warning: one of the things I do over at multiply is share my feelings. Ooooo. Yuch.

On this day...


  1. K.T. says:
    That sounds interesting to me-Feelings…not just thoughts but raw feelings.Love it!
  2. Mark W. says:
    That’s great! Everyody needs to share feelings, especially in this day and age, and especially men. You go…guy. (Was that encouraging enough? Was it? Hmmm?)

    BTW…on the whole dirt head-scratcher. Dirt (aka “soil”) is a basic essential to human survival. God gave us love in that he gave us the air, dirt, the sun, and so many other simply things that we experience in abundance. These are the MOST precious things on earth…completely counter to human “supply and demand.” Man’s ways are not God’s ways; what else can you say?

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