Top 10 Naked People on Google Earth

It’s no longer safe to sunbathe or snatch your morning paper in your skivvies. Google Earth is watching you…

This is hysterical.

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  1. Mark W. says:
    I’m loving these news stories. The levitation thing is quite weird, but this Google Earth article is very silly…did you know that some of these Google Earth photos are years old? Who cares if some (lady? dude?) was sunbathing on his/her rooftop 5 years ago? Whoever searched out these pictures is kinda strange.

    Meanwhile, thanks for challenging my math skills each time I post a comment here. Are they getting progressively harder or what?

  2. jeff says:
    Would that we all knew why we waste time on stuff like this… And why I found it fascinating enough to post?

    By the way, when are you going to the beach next?

    Woo-ha-ha! (wicked laugh)

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