Uh, go Hogs…

I say this with great trepidation. Congratulations, Razorbacks! Really.

You’ll understand why when you review this post.

Aren’t you glad I wrote it? It was just what Houston needed to light a fire under him. I doubt they would be doing so well if I hadn’t called him out on the carpet…

On this day...


  1. A.J. says:
    Finally someone has seen the light. That was a great game Saturday, the Razorbacks played like a team for the first time in a long time. Here’s hoping continued success. Oh and Jeff, I like that picture, wonder if you got the idea for it after checking out my blog….LOL…
  2. Sellout! Just kidding. But…I am glad that you have finally seen the light. I also have a sneaking suspicion that if the Hogs lose to FLordia or Tennessee in a couple of weeks you may be back to dogging them…but Ihave to give you credit for admitting your wrongs. I myself doubted that the Hogs would win Saturday, the odds were definately against us! Phillip and Ben kept the faith, always confident that we WOULD win the ball game. I was the one going “But it’s AUBURN!!” I was Happy to admit that I was wrong, though, as I am sure you were too! GO HOGS!!!!
  3. Mark W. says:
    You’re absolutely right. I know that I’ve ranted about how the Razorbacks have not recently been the powerhouse they used to be (and that blinded fans don’t seem to have noticed). Perhaps the Hog fans can take their blinders off now and still enjoy their team.

    Not only did Arkansas “win” the game – they outplayed Auburn on every level, making Auburn look embarrassingly amateur. Anyone who saw Auburn’s performance on Saturday is, no doubt, glad that they have been kicked out of the top 10.

    And congrats to Arkansas for making the rankings (though still below Auburn, which is weird)!

  4. I never imagined I would see this on your blog! Rose and I were at the game Saturday and it was awesome! I know that coming from me this will sound like nothing new, but its true. This might have been the best coached game I have ever seen. It was obvious being in the stands that there were 4 or 5 opportunities that seemed like the momentum was about to shift. Each one was on third down in passing situations when the crowd rocked the stadium. Each time I could see how nervous Mustain was, and each time Nutt called a time out. After the time out the Hogs came on the field and executed perfectly, just enough for a first down. The best part about all this is how young our team is! Go Hogs!
  5. Jeff says:
    I don’t mind eating crow after eating pork. The two go together quite well. Ask Houston.

    Oh, and AJ… yep. I pretty much scammed the image right from your blog! Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. A.J. says:
    At least your honest!
  7. A.J. says:
    At least your honest!

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