Use Bloglines… like yesterday!

If your blog reading list continues to grow, and you’re not using Bloglines yet, then you’re wasting a lot of point and click time. Simply put, Bloglines will save you hours of typing in address or scrolling through your favorite bookmarks.

Here’s a screen shot of what it looks like for me:

You simply add the URL of the blog you want to track. Whenever that blog has a new entry, it will show in bold in the left hand column. When you click on the name of the blog, the new entries will pop up in the right hand column. If you want to visit the actual blog, just click on the name on the blog in the right hand column (or the title of the entry you’re reading), and it will take you there in a new browser window. Bloglines will remain open behind the new window. You can review new comments, see new design, and then close the blog window and come back to Bloglines.

It’s so simple and easy. Set yourself up an account today, and begin keeping better track of your favorite blogs!

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  1. TJ says:
    Thanks for the tip, I’m going there now!
  2. I agree, Jeff. I love bloglines. It has made life so much easier…hehehe.
  3. A.J. says:
    Jeff, I’m touched that my blog is on your bloglines….Wipes Tear From Eye….He likes me, he really likes me….(Don’t even go there, you know what I mean!)…..
  4. Jeff says:
    I still say… use Bloglines or some other kind of feed reader!
  5. K.T. says:
    LOVE IT! And just so you know,you introduced me to Bloglines through this post,thank you!!!

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