Veggie Tales too much of a meal for NBC

It turns out that the hype and excitement about the mega-hit Christian animation series Veggie Tales being on NBC was a little overdone. It turns out that NBC’s censors have gotten ahold of the show, much to VT creator’s Phil Vischer’s dismay and quashed (or is it squashed?) references to God that are “non-historical.” In other words, they’ve ripped the ending out of the show where the veggies relate the spiritual and scriptural application. Gone is the final tag, “Remember kids, God made you special and he loves you very much.” Unfortunately, NBC must think that God loving a child is worthy of censorship. (Source)

Brent Bozell had an excellent commentary on the matter here. He concluded with:

This is one of those moments where you understand that networks like NBC are only talking an empty talk and walking an empty walk when it comes to the First Amendment, and “creative integrity,” and so on. They have told parents concerned about their smutty programs like “Will and Grace” that if they’re offended, they have a remote control as an option. The networks have spent millions insisting that we have a V-chip in our TV sets. Change the channel. Block it out.

But when it comes to religious programming — programming that doesn’t even mention Jesus Christ — just watch the hypocrisy. Instead of telling viewers to just change the channel if they don’t like it, or put in a V-chip for Bible verses, they demand to producers that all that outdated old-time religion has to be shredded before broadcast.

It’s truly sad that this anti-religious hypocrisy would emerge. Today, no one in network TV fears what the children are watching — unless it makes them think about God.

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  1. K.T. says:
    That makes me very angry-I was really excited about veggietales!Hmmmmmm wonder if we could do something about it…………………..?
  2. dean says:
    hi jeff…

    while its unfortunate what nbc has done, it wasnt very surprising. its a huge double standard on the part of nbc, but hardly unexpected. my take on it is that vischer blew it, and i think he knows he blew it. they apparently gave him assurances that only the bible verse at the end would have to go, and now they’ve made him cut the very life of the program out completely. he should have angled for more (or even total) creative control. now he’s left hoping (like the rest of us) that kids who watch the tv version will want their parents to go out and buy the unedited dvd’s.

  3. Mark W. says:
    Jeff…this time Dean beat you to the blog on the Veggie Tales story, and I already commented on this over at his site. Basically, I think that Christians who are disillusioned by what NBC has done are living in la-la-land. What did they think a major network was going to do? Realistic Christians, however, should be celebrating the exposure of Veggie Tales. Children who like the show will want the videos and other mechandise, and this is where the ministry will advance…and it will be one HUGE advance! Vischer should be running naked through the streets like David for getting such an opportunity at all.
    (and if you’ve ever seen Vischer and his pal Mike Nawrocki, you know this would be a very funny sight, indeed!) ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. TJ says:
    They edit out the Hairbrush Song, and I’m done with NBC – I have to draw the line somewhere!

    Mark – The story of David running through the streets naked, I bet NBC would allow Veggietales to do a show on that one!

  5. AJ says:
    I’m with TJ, if they cut the HairBrush song then it’s boycott city…..Oh where oh where oh where oh wwwwwhhhhheeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrreee

    Is my HairBrush!

  6. Jeff says:
    I certainly don’t expect NBC to help “evangelize” the nation. However, to have such a blatant example of censorship regarding such a benign source material is simply outrageous. Their duplicity needs to be exposed and trumpeted.

    On the other hand, I am certainly excited and glad that VT is getting the exposure. Only good will come of it. It’s a great example of letting your light shine in such a way that others see it and glorify God as a result.

  7. Jeff says:
    Sonny, I believe you can find contact information easily for him by Googling…

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