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Yay! My fam is back! The kids were gone almost 3.5 weeks! Caro has been gone for 2. Crazy! I’m fortunate to have been kept extremely busy with some design projects at home and some servant evangelism projects through Journey. I picked them all up at the airport Thursday night. I had Adelyn a miniature stamping set as a surprise and gave Sam a Tuff Stuff magazine and a bunch of football cards. I also gave Adelyn one pack of football cards, cause she loves to taunt her brother when she gets better cards.

Overhead in the back seat:
Adelyn (to Sam): Hey! I got a Rookie card.
Sam: Really?! Who is it?
Adelyn: I don’t know, but was he really in Star Wars?

Needless to say, THAT is what I’ve been missing. Unexpected moments of innocent delight.

Chewbacca, watch out! Your nemesis is alive and well in the NFL? Perhaps he’s your father…

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  1. K.T. says:
    The innocence heard over my shoulder right now….Jaxen:what’s that?
    Mom:Its a wookie.
    Jaxen:Is that from STAR WARS?????

    Wookie-Rookie,that is absolutely adorable!!!!!
    You made my sons day with the pic of chewbacca:):)My son the star wars fan.

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