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In the past week there has been an upsurge in traffic on Notes from the Trail. Lots of new folks getting their feet dusty with us on this journey. Taking a cue from John over at Typepad Hacks, I thought I’d post and simply welcome the newbies. If you’ve stopped by for the first time (or second or third) and have recently discovered Notes, please post a comment of “Howdy” to let me and all my friendly lurkers know who you are and where you’re from.

I know lots of folks in town are reading and not commenting… I talked to a good friend yesterday who said that she drove by and saw our minivan in the front yard and asked Carolyn later if we were unloading groceries. Puzzled, Caro asked how she knew. “I read Jeff’s blog,” she said. There are even rumors of folks from other churches than Journey (gasp!) in town reading my blog and not wanting me to know about it. Welcome everyone!!!!

Again many thanks to Andy and the good folks at ServantBlog and EyesTurnedOutward for linking me. Thanks to John for doing so as well. Thanks to my Pine Bluff readers who have shown up in force lately; and my Plano, TX readers; muchos gracias to the Conrady’s in Croatia who have generated some new traffic; Fort Smithians have been stopping by, and a host of others, worldwide. You can look at a world map of readers at the Sitemeter link to the right.

It’s great to see Typepad Hacks (mentioned above) being featured on Typepad’s main page as a “featured blog.” I linked him here on “Off the Path” a week ago. Looks like they’re following my lead. You might recall I linked ServantBlog there a few weeks ago before they were selected for 9Rules membership. (See the article here) If you’ve got the time, swing by and submit Notes.

By the way, for those of you following the minivan saga, guess what this picture means?

On this day...


  1. suzanne says:
    i’m always lurking, but you know that.
    caro-i’m missing your posts, woman, i keep going back just to be greeted by the same dancer!
  2. Jeff says:
    Ooops. Howdy, Lee Ann! How is having no school this week treating you? Got your net yet?
  3. Jeff says:
    AJ… stopped by your site and loved the pix. Great to hear from you! Drew is really growing up. What program do you use for your site design?
  4. Lee Ann James says:
    I’m here!
  5. A.J. Huffman says:
    Well I must admit, I’m a lurker….And a looker if I do say so myself….LOL…Anywho I’m just stopping by to say hi and let you know that I have started a photo blog to keep everyone up to date on the happenings of the Huffman family.
  6. Jeff says:
    Ah, my little wifey, but a blogger is always ready, always prepared. More than a boyscout, a blogger lurks at the fringes of society and family, waiting for material for that next entry. More tenacious than Woodward and Bernstein, a blogger sniffs out a story a mile away. Faster than a speeding bullet, a blogger’s fingers fly over his keyboard to record for posterity what would have otherwise been a brilliant, but unproclaimed thought.

    Uh, now that the driver’s side window in the minivan won’t roll up, I had to capture the site of your bouncing she-wagon majestically parked on our newly mown lawn.

  7. WHEN did you take that photo? the car was only there for 5 seconds!!

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