Thanks for stopping by the newly-ported blog! I’ve gone to WordPress now, and I’m looking forward to learning it as a comprehensive design and site tool. You may see a few theme changes in the next week or so while I get this design or another refined.

For those of you who may be a little site-challenged, let me offer the following tips:

  • Click on “Navigation” above to find more information and links.

Enjoy the new look and features, and let me know what you think!

On this day...


  1. K.T. says:
    Does this new site publish a feed?I cannot find it on bloglines………..
  2. Jeff says:
    Oops. You can do it one of two ways. If you’re using Firefox or another feed-friendly browser, the feed icon should show up in the address bar. Right click on it and then subscribe to it. Make a note of the address.

    Or you can paste this into Bloglines:

  3. K.T. says:
    Thank you!The copy and paste worked wonderfully!
  4. Andy says:
    Oooooh, teh Math question is a tall ask 😉

    Like the new look bro. Good job.

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