What stage are you in?

Dan Kimball over at vintage faith has written a great, personal assessment of the different stages people go through in their church involvement. check it out, and tell me what stage you find yourself in.

I got my book today and am ready to jump into the reading group. Anyone else out there interested?

While we were gone, Journey had five new couples visit! That’s crazy. Perhaps we should leave more often…

On this day...


  1. Mark W. says:
    Sadly, I’m somewhere past Stage 8 already…except for the Dukes of Hazzard movie (gag me with J. Simpson’s ex-husband!). However, I hope that this is where the stages break down. Step 9 and 10 don’t seem like very good experiences either. In fact, the whole system described is very bleak to me. I know that stage 10 is supposed to present the most mature stage – acceptance of others’ imperfections – but the way Kimball has written it sounds too much like “settling” for something unsatisfactory and just learning to “deal.” Where is the resurgence of joy? That’s a stage I would be most interested in finding.

    In short, I think reading Kimball’s stages is useful, but I think that any real progress might require an individual to tear it up and start over – re-writing our own ending from the more mature perspective we’ve acquired.

    Thanks for sharing Kimball’s post.

  2. Jeff says:
    Interesting observations. Perhaps you could give us a shot over at your blog at some better stages? You’d be bound to get some high traffic from them. Kimball closed his post it was getting so many comments…
  3. Angela W. says:
    I think with as far as our journey experience, we or I am in stage two!

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