Won’t you be my neighbor… in heaven?

Dan Phillips has a powerful entry about how many high profile Christian
leaders appear to be more and more uncertain about who will be
neighbors in heaven. Check it out here:? The “It’s not for me to say” dodge.

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  1. Mark W. says:
    I checked it out. Unfortunately, I didn’t like it…at all. But, I’ll comment anyway since you seem to be in need…where’d everyone go?
  2. Jeff says:
    Tell me what you didn’t like…
  3. K.T. says:
    I was flabbergasted at it,but funny enough,although not sure I agree with the sentiment….LOL
  4. K.T. says:
    I was flabbergasted at it,but funny enough,although not sure I agree with the sentiment….LOL
  5. K.T. says:
    Oh,sorry…I was talking about the Dilbert blog,wrong comment box,lol,and I cant erase the double comments either-Sorry!:)
  6. Mark W. says:

    Sorry I didn’t get to tell you exactly why I disliked Phillips’ post earlier, just didn’t have it all sorted out in my mind yet, I guess — still don’t — but I think it comes down to this. I explored some of the comments Phillips made that “rubbed me the wrong way” and tried to figure out why I felt funny about them. Turns out, Phillips and his regulars over at “Pyromaniacs” are very strongly Calvinistic (here we go again). Anyway, I embarrassed myself by commenting there and questioning their assumptions about what happens to Phillip’s “tribesmen” who never got a chance to hear the gospel preached. They all hung me out to dry, in a very kind and helpful way, mind you, no hard feelings, but it makes me all the more curious to know if I’ve just been missing the boat on the Christian concept of “mercy” all these years. I know I requested a blog from you the other day on the place of Calvinism. Not that I’m going to go all “theological dogma” on you by any means – I think the overarching idea behind Journey is to rise above these minor quibbles – but I’d love to chat with you about your much more astute observations in these matters – that would be enlightening (and fun too). Ciao! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Jeff says:

    I would love to take you up on this Calvinism post AND visit with you. I doubt I’ll be astute, and in view of the Tilton video, you have to be careful how you pronounce that.

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