Zathura vs. Walk the Line: A Guide for Big Screen Choices

Carolyn and I went to see Zathura tonight at the Rave theater in Little Rock, We’ve been up here the last few days for Thanksgiving. What a great holiday! I wanted to comment on Zathura, since the way it’s being marketed will cause many to decide NOT to see it. The trailers are relatively tame, and the hype around it is almost non-existent.

However, Zathura is GREAT. Thoroughly entertaining, fun, and an all-around great movie. Even Caro liked it! (and that’s saying a bunch!) I would encourage you to make it one of your holiday movies.

Big Screen Ticket vs. Home Screen Rental
While Walk the Line and others are getting attention and hype, I have a different perspective as to what kind of movie warrants my $7.50. If a movie is a great movie (like Walk the Line) but does not require the big screen to enjoy it, I will normally wait for it to come out on DVD. We don’t have an endless supply of $7.50 bankrolls lying around, so decisions must be made around the Noble house about which movies we attend and which we purposefully rent.

Therefore, Walk the Line is a renter for us. The compelling story will not be in any way diminished by watching it on my 27″ Sanyo with surround sound. However, Zathura, Harry Potter, Narnia, and others of grand scale beg to be seen and experienced on the big screen.

That’s my “screening process” for deciding which movies deserve a big screen ticket.


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  1. Jeff says:
    Methinks that you doth abuseth your goodlookingness to thine advantage to get brave knights to payeth for your movie-eth… or something like that..


  2. Jeff says:
    The “Zorgons” (lizard creatures) were a little intense. I don’t know if my kids could handle them (ages 6 and 8), but they’re also pretty sensitive about stuff. Scooby Doo used to bother Sam! But if your kids can handle other action type movies, they’ll be fine. Just know your kids.
  3. Amy says:
    if you just get some dude to pay your way in then you don’t have to be so discerning…


  4. Katie Cashman says:
    I heard that it was VERY scary. What age kids do you think it’s appropriate for?
  5. Karl says:
    Walk The Line is the best. I’ve seen it once, Shelley has seen it twice. Great movie, will get the Oscar (best movie and acting). Whether on the big screen or on the 27″, you won’t be disappointed.
  6. Matthew says:
    Zathura! I have had no desire to see this movie until I heard Director Jon Favreau talking about it on Letterman a few nights ago. Letterman was asking about his kids and stuff, and Favreau said that it was because of his kids (both under 7 years old I believe) that he decided to make Zathura. He said there is very little “good” children’s entertainment, and that was his aim with the movie. Good entertainment. Now THAT could be a revolutionary idea for Hollywood. Anyway, ever since I have been longing to see it. Who knows, maybe I’ll get a job this week.

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