College ministry is one of the most strategic and dynamic areas of work that an individual or church can invest in. It’s also one of the most under supported and overlooked. Thousands of students are blessed and benefitted by local campus ministries each year, but few of those become supporters of those ministries, instead choosing to give through their local churches (which I’m deeply appreciative of). However, when local churches don’t build support for collegiate ministry in their budgets, campus ministries operate on a shoe string and their campus ministers aren’t able to embrace longevity.

I first became aware of #givetwentyfive last Christmas season. I’m grateful for Arliss Dickerson for his promotion of it. Arliss is a friend, and he also served in Arkansas collegiate ministry for, well, a long time. He retired a few years ago, but he continues to beat the drum for college ministry.

#Givetwentyfive is an initiative to raise monies for campus ministries, and I encourage you to give to the one that has blessed you the most or that you partner with as a church. For me, that means the Baptist Collegiate Ministries at UAM and VT. I will also be giving to Cru at VT.

I encourage you to use social today to promote #givetwentyfive and encourage other students or alumni to do the same!

Suggested post:

My #givetwentyfive for campus ministry is going to _______. Where is yours going?

You will have to do a bit of work. Visit your campus ministry’s webpage, and find out if they have an online giving option (many don’t, unfortunately). If not, go old school, and break out the checkbook – TODAY – and write that $25 check and drop it in the mail.

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