If you’re a new guest to the blog, this will be especially helpful because it may determine whether you bookmark the site or add it to your RSS feeds. If you’re a regular reader, I imagine you could guess a few of these, but the others may be enlightening.

12 things it’s important to know about me… (in no particular order)

  1. I love blue jeans. For starters, they go with anything – cardigans, button-downs, t-shirts and in an Abercrombie & Fitch catalog, you can wear them without anything else. If you’ve got nice calfs, you can cut them off and create jorts. They don’t have to be washed after a single wear, because they will let you know when they need to be washed simply by emanating a stale smell from the knee 3-4 days later.
  2. I’m a Mac guy. I endured endless abuse for using the Macintosh back in the late 80s and 90s. What you endure persecution for, tends to define you. PCs have improved over the years, and now I’d feel good about using one… as a doorstop. Check out this entry called Ode to Steve that I wrote on his retirement from Apple.
  3. I love to read. I read everywhere. Yes, that includes the commode. The advent of smart phones has enabled reading anywhere. I’ve usually got 2-3 books going at once. I read a theological book during the day, fiction at night (mixed with compelling nonfiction), and even comic books.
  4. spock-pumpkinI’m a geek. If you didn’t get that from #2 and #3, then I’ll just help you add things up. I’m an early adopter with technology, and I enjoy getting lost in website design. I love scifi and movies with aliens. If it beeps, it makes me smile. One of our friends at church recently carved me a Spock pumpkin, and it made me giddy.
  5. I have a deep appreciation for the finer things of life. Like hot dogs, Barry Manilow, and Donald Duck knick-knacks. Call me easy-to-please, but it just doesn’t take much to get my motor running.
  6. I am a clean freak and a clutter warrior. This trait has probably produced more marital angst than anything else in my life. Carolyn is a Clutter Queen. In fact, about six years ago, I inaugurated the CLUTTER FREE CAMPAIGN with great expectation. It ended in a draw. We now have clutter “zones” in our home. They’re like embassies in foreign countries. These little areas aren’t subject to my cleaning authority.
  7. I enjoy playing the guitar to unwind. Several years when we helped start a church in Arkansas, we didn’t have a worship leader. I learned to play guitar, and for a few awkward Sundays, I’d lead worship and then preach. After subjecting our small congregation to that, we quickly had some people step up and volunteer to lead worship. These days, grabbing a few moments with my Seagull guitar is an easy stress release.
  8. I love coffee but am not a discerner of grounds. I just can’t tell the difference between Sheetz coffee or Starbucks. A few nights ago, I had a cup of fru fru brand of freshly ground pour-over from Idego Coffee in downtown Christiansburg, and I just can’t tell a difference. I genuinely wondered if my taste buds function well. I dismissed the thought because moon pies are delicious.
  9. I love movies. I’m honestly not very picky. However, if it’s won a foreign film festival or critics rave about it, I generally won’t like it. If the whole movie leads up to someone dying and is intended to evoke sadness, I won’t like (unless aliens are responsible for the death). If the cast is all girls, I won’t like it (unless one of them is an alien). I won’t see slasher horror movies, in general, and I really don’t like that are completely laced with profanity to cover the absence of a plot. Movies are like brain candy to me, and I won’t think twice about seeing one by myself. My snack of choice is popcorn with milk duds in it, and although I’ll share, consider yourself privileged if I let you eat my milk duds.
  10. bleach-selfieI was a little stuck on this one, and so I asked Carolyn, “What’s something that defines me?” She said, “You mean, like, what is one of your quirks?” I said, “Uh, yeah, I guess.” Immediately, she said, “You say you don’t like things but you really do.” I asked her what she meant, and she nailed me. I say I don’t like to run and prefer team sports, but I’ve been running every other day since May. I say I don’t like to watch TV, but I have 4-5 shows that I DVR and watch faithfully. “What else?” I said. Carolyn said, “You say you hate selfies, but you take them all the time.” I responded, “Well, that’s because people like to see me…”
  11. I am infatuated by the weather. Yahoo’s Weather app is one of the most-used on my phone. Especially when it starts getting cold, I check it every morning and a couple of times during the day. I just want to be informed in case the perfect storm sweeps into the New River Valley or there’s going to be a derecho. My obsession for knowing the weather didn’t prepare me, however, for my experience with a volcano or an earthquake.
  12. I love politics. I’d talk about them more if folks weren’t so touchy about the subject. One of the things I dislike about our current culture is the complete inability of folks to talk about controversial issues without getting angry or name calling. I’ve considered running for office in different places because I genuinely want to serve the public and use my gifts for community and team building. My only real political run ended prematurely because I underestimated the ease of getting on the ballot and overestimated how many people are actually registered votes on my petition sheets.

So there you have it.. I’d love to tag a few bloggers on this post to generate some similar entries, so I tag Aaron Peck, Adam Wilson, Amy Lawson, Ian Savino, Sarah Beyer, Matt Simpson, Carlie Linde, Vince Oliveri and Hollie Paiva. If any of you respond with your entry, please leave its link in the comments below!

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