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Year 2004

Electoral Smectoral.. Reform Needed

It’s way past time for the Electoral College system to be revised, but not for the reasons you think… I’ve been puzzling and studying over this since the divisive 2000 election and keep coming to the same conclusion. The Electoral… Continue Reading →

I’m on Your Side

It struck me that in the midst of presidential debates and wrangling about words, that our nation is in the process of choosing sides in these days. However, the amazing thing about a true follower of Christ is that he becomes a proponent of people, period. In other words, I’m on your side.

Woody & Rooty: The Story of Two Fruit Trees

I wrote this many moons ago when I was a youth minister at a small church in Texas. Here’s hoping you can appreciate corny humor wrapped around some deep thoughts. The Story of Two Fruit Trees: Woody & Rooty Both… Continue Reading →

The Light Switch

A few days ago, the unthinkable happened. I was forced to become a handyman. Now for those of you for whom that is second nature, you will think me foolish. However, for any man out there who is paralyzed by the words “Honey, I need you to fix something,” this one’s for you.

The Work Behind the Word

In today’s society, we hate wait. Gimme a remote or a shorter line at Wal-Mart. But don’t make me wait. I believe our lives as Christ-followers are radically atrophied by this mindset of the moment, this need for now. God’s… Continue Reading →

Hooks & Holes

December 27,2002 I don’t normally encounter moments of deep profundity in the local Dairy Queen. For that matter, it wasn’t my local DQ. Heck, we don’t even have a DQ in Monticello. But Ranger, Texas has one, and as we… Continue Reading →

Deep Thoughts from a Banana Pad

Tom Nelson is one of my favorite Bible teachers. He says that when God reaches down and touches his finger into the stagnant pool of humanity that it sends ripples across the surface for immeasurable distances. In my experience, that… Continue Reading →

A Sheep’s Tale

I stood. The colors leapt off the shelves in front of me. With my head cocked sideways, my eyes hungrily devoured the vertical titles, one after another. I needed another book like I needed a black eye. Yet, they beckoned…. Continue Reading →

Approval Addiction

I originally wrote this intended to be an interactive Bible study for use in a small group… Hope it’s useful for you in some way… Take a look at any magazine targeting young adults today. Take a look at the… Continue Reading →

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