Life, adventure and faith from southwest Virginia

Year 2004

Can we say “Others?”

Sunday I taught from Philippians 2.13-14. One of the things that has continued to be evident from the study of Philippians that I’ve been doing is simply the concept of OTHERS. You can’t read the New Testament (or even the… Continue Reading →

Lunching at Popeyes

I get together with a group of college-age guys each week to encourage them and challenge them in their spiritual growth. Most of the time, we pick a book to read through and dialogue about. Right now, it’s John Piper’s… Continue Reading →

Reflections over a McGriddle

At McDonald’s this a.m., I was without a pen, so I opened my Bible to Romans 8, and I felt the leadership of His Spirit speak softly, instructing me to being again in Romans. To dive in, chew deeply. I… Continue Reading →

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