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Month October 2005

The Theisman Trophy…

Caro and Sam are in our bed watching Sunday night football. Sam is into NFL this year since I’ve set him up a team in our fantasy football league. Joe Theisman is one of the commentators, and upon hearing this,… Continue Reading →

Superheroes in Iraq

Came across this article by accident today and thought it was a great pictorial statement of who our heroes are… As the White Sox won the World Series last night and I saw the slobbering, hysterical celebrations going on in… Continue Reading →

Think Different…

There’s a powerful new ad by Apple on their website today commemorating the life and commitment of Rosa Parks to civil rights. I have to confess that I am an Apple fanatic. A Macintosh geek. A Mac Daddy. Let me… Continue Reading →

Wanna Fanta?

By the mere mention of the title, now I’ve got that inane tune in my head again. “Do you wanna Fanta? Wanna Fanta?” Dangit! Our church has been manning (and womaning) the concession stand for the local high school football… Continue Reading →

Encourage your Christian leader

Just came across this article today while searching the web for some sermon background and thought I would post a link to it. It’s from John Mark Ministries. I know nothing about them, but the little I perused while on… Continue Reading →

They’re NOT my kids!

Ok… every now and then you have a significant ego check. You just don’t expect it to happen in the check out line at Wal-Mart. For you metropolitan bloggers out there (whom I will refer to from this point out… Continue Reading →

The Bible Belt Is Off

Matt Parker came by Journey today (that makes like 72 times this week! – awesome to hang out with you, bro!) Our church has been meeting in the local 6-screen movie theater for worship for the past 7 months. We’ve… Continue Reading →


My wife’s Emac is dying, or at least the hard drive is… We’ve sold it on Ebay and bought a replacement, but today I came home to do some design work, and she had “discovered” my G5 Powermac. We have… Continue Reading →

New Nike Shoe Announced

You really need to check out Kenny Tomlin’s blog entry at – “What Would an Atheist Do?” Pretty profound. Thanks, Kenny! Nike Corporation announced today that it will be releasing a new shoe – Nike Retro Wagons. To commemorate… Continue Reading →

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