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Month November 2005

The Bible Belt Has Fallen Off

If you’re one of my three devoted blog readers (including my sister – I set her browser’s homepage to default to my blog, and I don’t think she knows how to change it; oh, and hi, mom!) then strap in…. Continue Reading →

Me oh my oh mini… Macs taking over! (Finally)

In this interesting post, Ryan Katz, senior editor at Think Secret, takes note of something that I’ve mentioned to friends several times… mainly that the Mac Mini would be an incredible gaming/media center. Sounds like things are about to explode… Continue Reading →

Lot and his tents…

OK, this may be the funniest church blooper ever…. Download sermon.wmv

1000 Hits! Ooooo… Aaaahhh…

OK, so. Today, my little blog has had 1000 hits! (Of course, 500 of those are probably me editing and checking things, but hey, I think that’s kind of cool. Thanks friends, and folks, for stopping by to check things… Continue Reading →

The Future is iPod?

Check out this futurist forecast for the iPod’s application in the next few years… No more TiVo? Bye bye DVR? Cool!

Zathura vs. Walk the Line: A Guide for Big Screen Choices

Carolyn and I went to see Zathura tonight at the Rave theater in Little Rock, We’ve been up here the last few days for Thanksgiving. What a great holiday! I wanted to comment on Zathura, since the way it’s being… Continue Reading →

Juanita’s, hot tea, and thee… aaaaah

Waaaahoooo! Yip. Yip. Yip. Yip. Ever had one of those ethereal moments of sublime happiness? Nope? Sorry. But I’m there. Right now. Consider this… a hot cup of Lipton’s French Vanilla black tea an Apple Powerbook G4 867 purring on… Continue Reading →

Tolkien by the Lake

Upon a rock he reclined there Steady blowing, growing colder was the air Restful, wistful, reading in autumn rays Water lapping, leaves falling, all a form of holy praise. A Tolkien book, a small-town pastor Under heaven’s canopy enjoyed his… Continue Reading →

Absolutely loving life…

I’ve been on a personal retreat the last several days and therefore have been “blogless.” I’ve missed keeping updated on several folks while I’ve been gone.. Matt, Justin, Kenny, and another blog I’ve been following: I’ve also gotten hooked… Continue Reading →

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