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Month November 2005

Rather Gone… the Demise of Mainstream Media

You sense it; we all sense it. The very way we get our news and information has radically changed. During any election year, do you really believe anything a network news anchor says? Or how about all those talking heads… Continue Reading →

Up with joy!

Wow. Life is simply amazing. It’s a gift, a stewardship, an amazing moment of eternity to experience. Whether it’s telling corny jokes, performing unintentional slapstic or starring in my own daily sitcom, I love to laugh! No, things don’t go… Continue Reading →

Noble Family Photo

It’s officially a tradition… our once-a-year-family-photo! Caro is an incredible photographer here in town (check out her site!), but each year, we get our good friend David Atwell to take our fall family shots. Thanks, David! Check ’em all out… Continue Reading →

The Two Front Teeth for Christmas Thing…

My daughter, Adelyn, has become obsessed with money in the last week or so. Somehow she’s managed to scrounge together $27. It’s burning a whole in her pocket. We almost had a meltdown the other night when I wouldn’t take… Continue Reading →

The Power of Pause

In our reading group Tuesday morning, we were discussing Part 3 of Hirsch and Frost’s book The Shaping of Things to Come. One of the thoughts that struck me during our discussion was how often in Scripture and in life… Continue Reading →

Your 43 Things…

Here’s an interesting website… I’m still checking it out, but it seems to a be a Top 10 List (albeit expanded to 43) that people say they “want to do.” Check it out and see what you think… Here’s… Continue Reading →

Watch Me Discipleship

Here is a new Podcast… from November 4, 2005, where I talk about how to practice discipleship in today’s era… Part 1. Part 2 will come in a few days… Download Watch Me Discipleship.

Numa Numa…

I know everyone else has seen this on the web… but if YOU haven’t… well, get ready to laugh… The sad thing is… I can see any number of my friends doing this.. Go here…

Vidcast/Vodcast… Holy Cow…

I was listening to the Podcast from Macfixit’s site on the way to Little Rock this morning, and was awed by the technology that is in our hands TODAY but that not many folks have jumped on just yet… With… Continue Reading →

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