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Month January 2006

Just some great tips…

Many thanks to Ray for pulling out these thoughts from a UK magazine called VIZ. It has a top tips section. Here’s a selection…. DON’T waste money on expensive iPods. Simply think of your favourite tune and hum it. If… Continue Reading →

Palm posting…

Not that any of you would be overly thrilled or care, but I’m now a Palm Addicts Associate Writer! Oooo. Aaaah. Don’t be impressed. I think they accept anyone who can type. Even folks from Warren. However, before you scoff… Continue Reading →

ipod anyone?

Since buying my first iPod back in October or so, I’ve gone overboard. Now I’m buying and selling used iPods! Right now, I have a few silver iPod mini’s I need to sell. They’re going for about $205-220. They’re mostly… Continue Reading →


Saw this on punkisrael and thought I’d play along… Four jobs that you have had in your life: ? Cashier/potato slab chef extradinaire at Circle N gas staton in Little Rock ? Youth minister at Third Street Baptist Church in… Continue Reading →

Small Pebble is here…

For those of you wanting to participate in the ongoing unveiling of some of my writing projects, you can go here! First project for review is Small Pebble…

Cut and run or stay and talk?

Terry Heaton, as usual, has siezed on a profound cultural incident and made observations about it that I think also relate directly to the church today, particulary our denominational tribes. Apparently the Washington Post began some blogs, but after one… Continue Reading →

A blook anyone?

I am a starving writer. OK, I’m a writer. I just got back from Baskin Robbins demolishing a double dip mint chocolate chip waffle cone. Anyway, others are doing it, so I figure, why not? It’s called a “blook.” It’s… Continue Reading →

Spiritual Warfare

Five years ago I was serving as the BCM Director at UAM. I served 8 years there under the Arkansas Baptist State Convention. During the latter part of 2000, we experienced a marked sense of apathy, complacency, and a general… Continue Reading →

God’s Favorite 4-Letter Word

HELP! FIRE, 11/20/2002 This is the notes from a Bible study I led at the Baptist Collegiate Ministry at UAM. Found it and thought I’d post it. Look at four different snapshots that all reveal one thing: 1. 2 Chronicles… Continue Reading →

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