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Day March 14, 2006

iPod Video vs. Treo 650… Winner Treo!

I feel a little like a traitor writing this. I am an avid Mac user. Have been since 1988. I’ve been through all kinds of Macs and currently use an Imac G5 and an iBook G4 as my primary stations…. Continue Reading →

My Daughter the Extortionist

Caro walked into Adelyn’s room the other day to discover this message she had left for us on her easel. I have no idea what prompted this. All I know is that she says she’s saving her money for Disneyworld…. Continue Reading →

Just plain cool…

Got a link you need to check out… One Small Barking Dog. It’s a website for cultural and spiritual exploration. I highly recommend you allot about 15 minutes to give it a good tour. Then consider how you might use… Continue Reading →

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