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Month March 2006

Hairy Ears

Dangit. I just had to shave my ears again. For those of you first visiting, it’s not as if I talk about this often, but if you’d like to track with me how often I have to do this, my… Continue Reading →

iPod Video vs. Treo 650… Winner Treo!

I feel a little like a traitor writing this. I am an avid Mac user. Have been since 1988. I’ve been through all kinds of Macs and currently use an Imac G5 and an iBook G4 as my primary stations…. Continue Reading →

My Daughter the Extortionist

Caro walked into Adelyn’s room the other day to discover this message she had left for us on her easel. I have no idea what prompted this. All I know is that she says she’s saving her money for Disneyworld…. Continue Reading →

Just plain cool…

Got a link you need to check out… One Small Barking Dog. It’s a website for cultural and spiritual exploration. I highly recommend you allot about 15 minutes to give it a good tour. Then consider how you might use… Continue Reading →

Blog Closing…

Heard today that the Pyromaniac blog has closed down. Read the last post here! Phillip Johnson has decided instead to pursue a “group blog” (nevermind how that sounds) of the same nature as Pyro, but one that will take less… Continue Reading →

Journey…ing again!

I’m excited to share with you that our church has reached an agreement and decided to purchase the Clip Joint building in downtown Monticello! We are currently beginning the process of finding a lender and securing a loan. This means… Continue Reading →

I’m a putz.

I am so intimidated by the freshness and rawness of punkisrael’s blog. One of his posts a few days ago really grabbed me, and I plan to follow up on it in the next few. Read his in the meantime,… Continue Reading →


Oh no… my wife now has a blog. It’s Proof Positive, and I’m a little nervous about it. Up till now, I’ve been able to free wheel out here in cyberspace, content with the occasional comment from her about “I… Continue Reading →

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