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Month April 2006

Lessons from high school English…

I had incredible high school English teachers. There was a point in my life that I distinctly remember enjoying the ability to diagram sentences. To turn a perfectly ordinary linear sequence of words and thoughts on a page into what… Continue Reading →

Trying Treo Alarm…

For those of you Treo users out there… I’m assuming by now that you use TreoAlarm. I mean, why in the world would anyone own a Treo and NOT use it?! It would be like buying a Mercedes with no… Continue Reading →

St. Patrick liked small group ministry…

What the heck?! I just finished George Hunter’s The Celtic Way of Evangelism. It’s a short book, and though I rarely do this (yea, right!), I must urge you all to run out and buy a copy today. C’mon, you… Continue Reading →

Building vs. Planting, Part 2

In this entry, I’d like to offer up some thoughts about why churches choose NOT to plant. And away we go… Why Churches Choose Not to Plant: A lack of understanding of the nature of the Church Ignorance of planting… Continue Reading →

Read My Blog Shirt

I went and did it. I’ve designed a cool shirt for all you bloggers out there! Pass the word. It’s $10. Here’s what it looks like… If you want to place an order, click the order below. Make sure you… Continue Reading →

Dilbert: Blogging about God

I’ve been a fan of Scott Adams for a long time. He’s the creator of Dilbert. Not only does he draw one of the funniest comic strips ever, but he also finds time (daily) to blog. On top of that,… Continue Reading →

What’s Your Political Persuasion?

There’s no surprises here for me, but if you’ll stop by this site, you can take a very brief quiz that purports to be able to classify your political leaning. I’d be interested in knowing what you all are. Post… Continue Reading →

Stories from Iraq

Stop by Tom’s blog and read this touching account of a soldier’s return from Iraq. Tom was a student at UAM when I was there as the BCM Director. Thanks to Brandon, for hooking me up with Tom’s blog!

The Ebay Atheist… Sold!

Hop on over to Justin’s blog and read about the avowed atheist on Ebay who auctioned off his willingness to attend church… It’s an amazing story that’s getting national media attention.

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