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Month May 2006

Apple vs. Microsoft

Most of you who read Notes from the Trail know that I saw the light back in ’88 and went Macintosh. Of course, for me, it was not a switch. In many ways, it was my first time in front… Continue Reading →


If you haven’t stumbled upon FilmLoop yet, find the nearest rock and trip!

Goodbye Dakota… I loved thee

I am secure in my manhood. I am secure in my manhood. I am secure in my manhood. My breasts are not growing. My breasts are not growing. That’s my new daily mantra to be repeated until I am able… Continue Reading →

Guilt-free peace

I finished the 10-week Bible study I’ve been doing yesterday, and as always after completing something like that, I was somewhat at a loss to know where to go this morning to focus my devotional thoughts and quiet my mind… Continue Reading →

Made for another place…

If you’ve spent any moments which have unexpectedly turned to hours surfing the net in the past month, you will readily identify with this entry, I hope. When I get up from my desk after a long time on the… Continue Reading →

The Goal of our Troubles…

This is not original to me today. I just completed Day 3’s assignment in Week 10 of Beth Moore’s The Patriarchs. Only two more days, and I’ll be finished. I’m considering an online Bible study blog at this point. I’m… Continue Reading →

Doped up…

I’m sure to get some flack from this, but it’s been on my mind for a while. I stumbled across Al Mohler’s blog entry today called, “Are We Mere Chemicals? Happiness as a Prescription.” I encourage you to read it… Continue Reading →

Spirituality Tag…

I first saw this while cruising some religious blogs at 9rules Communities. So… here I go. Thanks to the Lo-Fi Tribe’s blog for originally getting me tagged. 1. List three words that describe your faith. Growing, mysterious, joyful. 2. Describe… Continue Reading →

Review: A New Kind of Christian…

This book will shake up anyone who has a Bible belt mentality.

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