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Month May 2006

Just checking in…

For those of you stopping by today, you’ll be sorely disappointed. This blog entry is neither profound nor even remotely informative. Chalk it up to OBES (Obligatory Blog Entry Syndrome). I hate that it’s come to this. Have you seen… Continue Reading →


Nuff said.

Building vs. Planting, Part 4

Alrighty! Are you ready to tackle the next couple of reasons why churches choose NOT to start new churches (planting)? This has been an ongoing blog entry which began with a discussion about why churches choose to continue growing their… Continue Reading →

Da Vinci Dialogue, Part 2

You won’t read a better commentary from an informed Christian perspective than Brian McLaren’s. The interview has been preserved at Justin’s site here. Make sure you check it out. I couldn’t have said it better myself… And before any of… Continue Reading →

Go have some fun…

I insist. All of you. Go have some fun today. Life’s too short.

Music Survey…

Got this tag from Becca’s blog… Great gal! Here goes. Instructions: + Put your music player on shuffle. + Press forward for each question. + Use the song title as the answer to the question. + No cheating! + If… Continue Reading →

I think I’m Scott Adams…

Apart from the fact that he’s fabulously wealthy from drawing a cartoon and I’m a poor, bivocational graphic designer/pastor, I think Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, and I have a lot in common. Now I just taught Sunday on how… Continue Reading →

More words… $(*&#@

Let me fire another salvo at the whole power-of-words commentary… It started here. Last weekend I was doing nine hours of penance in the Drew Central Auditorium for my sins over the last year… Ok, actually I was filming Kim’s… Continue Reading →

Da Vinci Doubts..

I’ve gotten email and had conversations with lots of folks about the upcoming Da Vinci Code movie. Mostly, it seems that Christians in general are worried about this film perhaps swaying people… Interesting. I don’t believe it will. Here’s an… Continue Reading →

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