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Month June 2006

Get off the computer!

If, as a burgeoning blogger, you’ve ever heard anyone (specifically spouses or parents) say something like, “What in the world are you doing?! You’re wasting your time in front of the computer!” – then I’d like to point you to… Continue Reading →

Connecticut or bust…

This post will be the featured post for a while as we continue to raise money for the trip. Newer posts will be posted underneath it. Update (7/4/06): We all weighed in last night. I weighed 186. Two and a… Continue Reading →

Focused vs. Diverse

I’ve posted before regarding some handy-dandy tips for blogging: Increase your blog traffic For beginning bloggers I spent time with a great friend this past weekend, Ralph Ramsey from Rowlett, Texas. He is anything but a blogger and so doesn’t… Continue Reading →

Private blogging

There are several new blog services coming around, and I predict that many of the existing ones will incorporate these features soon. The main features that these new services offer is the ability to designate who is able to read… Continue Reading →

Smell on wheels…

For those of you following the MiniVanMan saga, you’ll be interested to know this. Caro was transporting  4 huge pork loins this past Tuesday for the Tucker-Henson family funeral lunch. As she toodled around town proudly in her Sequoia, the… Continue Reading →

Welcome Back…

Well, well, well… It looks like the blogosphere and friends have triumphed and been blessed at the same time. My incredible wifey has posted. She’s baaaaack. Thanks to you all for helping encourage her to resurrect her blog. You can… Continue Reading →

A little help needed…

OK… this will be an under-handed, sneaky post. I’m sure to get in trouble for it at home. But here’s the deal. Carolyn – my wonderful, beloved and beautiful wife – (a necessary insert for the wrath this post may… Continue Reading →

Books I’ve bought…

I recently told a friend that I had pretty much stopped buying a lot of books. From the time I made that comment till today, I have purchased the equivalent of one Wendy’s restaurant full of books. Dadgummit. I like… Continue Reading →

Funeral freshman

In our small community of 10,000, there were two deaths over the weekend. One was Jordan Newman, a 24 year-old guy who died in a motocycle accident, after having just gotten the cycle the same day. The other was Martha… Continue Reading →

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