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Month August 2006

Chicken little

So I’m driving to Little Rock today and get passed by this chicken truck bearing thousands of hormone-hopped foul to their early deaths. As it passed me, I glanced over and saw Houdini the Chicken. He’s perched between all the… Continue Reading →

Personal ministry vision statement

A few years ago, I developed the following as my personal ministry vision statement. I stumbled back across it today while I was looking for something else on my computer and was encouraged by it. (Is it possible to be… Continue Reading →

Coming Soon!

This has been a huge undertaking, but it’s almost ready to go! With the help of Mike Graham, I’ve been creating (you can type it in lower case). It’s been a several month project, and it’s still not quite… Continue Reading →

For moms, 2

9Rules reviews another site by a new member blog called MomAdvice. Looks like a great link for… well, moms. Uh, nuff said.


In an interesting post, Justin over at Radical Congruency, recommends Robert Greenwald’s Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices. This may shake us all up a bit – at least those of us who depend on Wal-Mart for date night…. Continue Reading →

Belated Blog Appreciation Day…

Nooooo. I didn’t know. I didn’t know! I missed the first annual Blog Appreciation Day. It was August 24, 2006. What a bummer! Well… shoot. To all the blogs I’ve loved before… who’ve travelled in and out my door… I’m… Continue Reading →

Aaaah… I’m famous… for 5 minutes

Yahoo! The Pyromaniacs blog link me in their entry today. Yahoo. Now I’m famous… for all of 5 seconds. I like how they’re doing their weekly round up of blogs that link or comment about Pyro. Thanks, guys.

Firefox flicks…

I don’t actually use Firefox for my web browser. I alternate between Camino (extremely fast) and Flock (very cool features). But these Firefox flicks crack me up… Thanks to TJ for clueing me in.

Going for 7…

Click now. Don’t wait. Lindy’s latest entry is simply… well, wonderlandful.

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