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Day August 16, 2006

Won’t you be my neighbor… in heaven?

Dan Phillips has a powerful entry about how many high profile Christian leaders appear to be more and more uncertain about who will be neighbors in heaven. Check it out here:? The “It’s not for me to say” dodge. Blogged… Continue Reading →

The Dash

Many thanks to Jenny Sipes, who emailed this link to me… Check it out by clicking the image below: In another web-verse, Scott Adams at the Dilbert blog has an entry about mumbling in movies that made me laugh out… Continue Reading →

If I had the money, O Monticello, I would love thee this way…

Google has announced that it’s giving away free WI-FI to the town it’s located in. Congrats, Mountain View! (I’m so jealous and impressed!) read more | digg story

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