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Day August 27, 2006

Belated Blog Appreciation Day…

Nooooo. I didn’t know. I didn’t know! I missed the first annual Blog Appreciation Day. It was August 24, 2006. What a bummer! Well… shoot. To all the blogs I’ve loved before… who’ve travelled in and out my door… I’m… Continue Reading →

Aaaah… I’m famous… for 5 minutes

Yahoo! The Pyromaniacs blog link me in their entry today. Yahoo. Now I’m famous… for all of 5 seconds. I like how they’re doing their weekly round up of blogs that link or comment about Pyro. Thanks, guys.

Firefox flicks…

I don’t actually use Firefox for my web browser. I alternate between Camino (extremely fast) and Flock (very cool features). But these Firefox flicks crack me up… Thanks to TJ for clueing me in.

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