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Month August 2006

Three R’s of Emerging…

There’s a really good, perhaps simplistic, but good description of the emerging church and its leaders here. Many thanks to Craig for ferreting this out. In addition, Dan Phillips has some insightful, if not abrasive, posts about the notion of… Continue Reading →

Et tu, Brute?

I used to have this blog that I checked daily – even several times during the day – for its deep analysis, insight and intelligence. That was until this unnamed blogger got sucked into the PC myth machine. He made… Continue Reading →

1 Peter revisited

This 1 Peter reading is turning into more of an interactive Bible study, so if you still haven’t read the first chapter, go grab a cup of Joe and pick up Pete, chapter 1. I’m using the New Living Translation,… Continue Reading →

What’s next? This is.

Swing by This Next and set up an account if you’re a gadget geek, or even if you like cool stuff.

Emerging orthodoxy

If you’ve been wanting to understand better the dialogue and critiques of the emerging church movement, spend about 40 minutes on Scott McKnight’s Jesus Creed blog reading these articles…

Smack… Homerun, Wade…

Wade Burleson smacks one out of the park over at Grace and Truth.

Book Meme 1

Mark didn’t tag me, (thanks, Mark!), but I’ve been wanting to post a book meme for some time, and his latest motivated me. 1. First book to leave a lasting impression? While I can’t remember which came first, it would… Continue Reading →

Struggling with Peter

Peter was a fisherman. He was supposed to have been "uneducated and untrained." Yet, I found myself struggling with his words as I read through 1 Peter 1. Bemused, I remembered how he said: Bear in mind that our Lord’s… Continue Reading →

Pandora… go ahead open it up…

Here’s my Pandora music station I’ve created…

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