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Month August 2006

Welcome back…

Yay! My fam is back! The kids were gone almost 3.5 weeks! Caro has been gone for 2. Crazy! I’m fortunate to have been kept extremely busy with some design projects at home and some servant evangelism projects through Journey…. Continue Reading →

Time waster…

No thanks to Kiki, I just wasted about 30 minutes laughing at’s latest toons. If you’ve never stopped by before, make sure you have absolutely nothing to do for a few. You’ll get hooked.

Diet Preachers

In this day of Diet Coke, Diet Snapple, Diet This & That, we also have Diet Preachers. These are guys who refrain from preaching "the whole counsel of God." They are all about wealth, health, happiness, goodness, and stuffed animals…. Continue Reading →

Won’t you be my neighbor… in heaven?

Dan Phillips has a powerful entry about how many high profile Christian leaders appear to be more and more uncertain about who will be neighbors in heaven. Check it out here:? The “It’s not for me to say” dodge. Blogged… Continue Reading →

The Dash

Many thanks to Jenny Sipes, who emailed this link to me… Check it out by clicking the image below: In another web-verse, Scott Adams at the Dilbert blog has an entry about mumbling in movies that made me laugh out… Continue Reading →

If I had the money, O Monticello, I would love thee this way…

Google has announced that it’s giving away free WI-FI to the town it’s located in. Congrats, Mountain View! (I’m so jealous and impressed!) read more | digg story

Thanks, Mark: For readers…

Aaah, Mark took me up on the challenge. Go here to read his amazing post!

Spread the word…

I’m really excited about the upcoming Marriage & Parenting Weekend and wanted to enlist your help in spreading the word. If you’re going to be around Monticello the last weekend of this month, and are married or have children, this… Continue Reading →

Reading in a flash

I recently stumbled across an online speed reading test. It measures your words per minute and your comprehension. Go here to take the test. It notes that people reading speed is noteably slower when reading on your computer screen than… Continue Reading →

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