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Month September 2006

Friday Friend Challenge

Taking a cue from Scott’s entry, I’d like to invite you all to a little two-week adventure – The Friday Friend Challenge. Starting today, I’d like you to carve out 30 minutes to an hour, and write some notes to… Continue Reading →

Review: The Pursuit of Holiness (and a challenge)

I have a shelf for “must-read” books in my house. If I ever get an office again where people can find me (I work out of the home predominantly, and there’s not room for my stuff at Journey), it will… Continue Reading →

Veggie Tales too much of a meal for NBC

It turns out that the hype and excitement about the mega-hit Christian animation series Veggie Tales being on NBC was a little overdone. It turns out that NBC’s censors have gotten ahold of the show, much to VT creator’s Phil… Continue Reading →

On Journey…

This entry is long overdue. My love for and admiration of the people of Journey Church has always been somewhat understated and undercover. When we began the process of starting a new church in our community in 2003, I was… Continue Reading →

Welcome New Readers 2…

In the past week there has been an upsurge in traffic on Notes from the Trail. Lots of new folks getting their feet dusty with us on this journey. I attribute much of this to the immediate and encouraging success… Continue Reading →

Big Life redesign…

Check out Andy’s site overhaul at Live a Big Life, and note the new link! Looks great! (Content even better!)

Apple is dead… or so they wish

In a simply wonderful, coffee-slurping, “I-told-you-so” kind of way, David Pogue’s article about Apple and the media is worth reading.

The church is losing its youth

Yet another study, this one completed in just the last month, shows that the evangelical church continues to hemorrhage internally. Churched youth are checking out of the church when they leave home for college, and many 20-somethings who were formerly… Continue Reading →

Combatting biblical ignorance

I ran across an excellent website on Tuesday that I wanted to promote. Biblical Training has been formed with the express purpose of equipping believers with tools from great Bible teachers to express and communicate their faith in today’s culture…. Continue Reading →

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