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Month November 2006

For the sake of argument…

Dallas Willard once said that if you’re right, it’s exceedingly difficult not to hurt anyone with it. In addition to that, I’ve personally experienced the dismal result of winning an argument but losing the relationship. How many of you out… Continue Reading →

More Zune bashing

It’s no longer edgy to doubt the Zune. Now everyone is climbing on board after realizing that Microsoft’s hasty release of a media player to combat the runaway success of Apple’s iPod smells just like dead bugs on Windows. John… Continue Reading →

Why WordPress?

Well, it’s, uh, cool. And what she said.

Scientists Levitate Small Animals

Yep. It’s true. Now you can sign up to be levitated for the holidays. Maybe. read more | digg story

Free Mac software

For some of you Mac newbs, here’s a fun lineup of some great Mac open-source software.

Top 10 Naked People on Google Earth

It’s no longer safe to sunbathe or snatch your morning paper in your skivvies. Google Earth is watching you… This is hysterical. read more | digg story

What do you see?

I’m still enjoying John Ortberg’s book, God Is Closer than You Think, and was intrigued and moved by a simple page turn this morning. Isn’t life like that? One moment you see words on a page, black on white. You’re… Continue Reading →

10 OS X Apps You Might Not Know About But Should

Here are 10 OS X apps that you might not know about but probably should. With literally thousands of apps out there begging for your attention, this article should help weed through some of the clutter. read more | digg story

Nutt’s QB confusion…

I must refrain from all the Nutt-Dick jokes that come to mind as I write this entry. With Coach Houston Nutt demanding that Casey Dick start for the Razorbacks in the last four games, I just have to call it… Continue Reading →

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