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Month November 2006

Belonging vs. believing

Over at the thinkerup blog, a quote from Francis Schaeffer was posted that caused provocative ponderings that I’d propose you peruse as well… “The liberal theologians in their stress on community speak and act as though we become Christians when… Continue Reading →

Zune “is a Complete, Humiliating Failure.”

Apparently someone agreed with my decision not to buy a Zune… The Chicago Sun-Times does not like the Zune. At all. “Do you honestly want morons like this to have power over your music player? Then go ahead and buy… Continue Reading →

Better late than never… thanksgiving

This past week, Jim challenged anyone who would take the bait to list the top five things we’re thankful for. I was too fragmented an busy to sit down and really think deeply enough about it, but I logged it… Continue Reading →

Ready to blog?

There’s a fantastic article here for those considering blogging. It’s also very useful as a refresher for those who’ve been blogging a year or less. By the way, as mentioned on MonticelloLive, I’ll be offering a FREE blogging seminar at… Continue Reading →


There’s no book on my face. But I’ve had surprising fun playing with Facebook the last few days. It is a much better networking tool than anything else out there. Check out my profile. In addition, have you all dropped… Continue Reading →

Yea, what he said… or what YOU said…

You may not have noticed this new feature to Notes, but when you leave a comment, you’ll notice this checkbox below the comment box… I can’t explain it better than Shawn, so go read his info about it.

I love family picture time…

Carolyn says I always do something to mess up our family pictures. I don’t know why I do it. It’s innate. I think I’ve been doing stupid stuff in pictures for as long as I can remember. Having a beautiful… Continue Reading →

John Piper loves Macs… or does he?

When a blog entry concludes with the following… Realize that millions of people in the other religions of the world are not looking for people with more American cultural coolness or techno savvy. They are looking for a Holy man,… Continue Reading →

Outeach or “withreach?”

Stumbled across thanks to Richard. Very intriguing and interesting. I plan to spend some more time there reviewing it. At the very least, the “community impact calculator” there is worth plugging in some numbers.

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