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Day December 3, 2006

Apple positioning to revolutionize cellular industry

Update (11-18-08): I wanted to bring this back up… Published on December 3, 2006. Notice my last sentence… It feels good to be right once in a while. I had been keeping my eye on Palmone’s Treo 680 for a… Continue Reading →

PowerPoint OUT – Spresent IN!

Spresent is a free Web-based presentation application based on Flash. You can create and edit high-quality Flash presentations online. You can send presentations via e-mail or publish on your web site or blog. read more | digg story

LG laptop definitely droolworthy

Found this story over at Engadget, and am stunned. I’ve never even glanced twice at another computer brand since 1988. I am a faithful MacDaddy. However, the picture which reveals sleek design and stunning visuals doesn’t point out the fact… Continue Reading →

The danger of pragmatism

It was about a completely different subject, but a not-too-distant Phil Johnson quote got me thinking. It’s time for evangelicals to rethink their priorities, reexamine the evil fruits of pragmatic and market-driven “spirituality,” and retool their own movement. Better yet,… Continue Reading →

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