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Month December 2006

Keys please

Many of you have asked, “Have you found your keys yet?” For those of you who didn’t know. They were gone. Vanished. De nada. It happened last Monday, a week ago, after I came home from speaking to a media… Continue Reading →

Leave a comment, yo!

I love Shawn’s attempt to provoke more comments: If my 98 year old grandfather – who just got email 6 months ago – can leave a meaningful comment on this blog, then any of you can.

Things I’m thankful for…

Suzanne started it again, and Leann added to it, but one thing I’m thankful for is firing up Bloglines and discovering that friends have new blog posts.

You can

The next time (like today, perhaps?) that you’re feeling sorry for yourself, watch this:

Idiots who detract from genuine Christianity…

Read the story and don’t break your monitor by throwing something at it… Benny Hinn wants 6,000 people to pay $1,000 to cover the Down Payment for his new private Gulfstream jet in God’s name. He wants us to find… Continue Reading →

School faith

This is my last entry for the High School Blog Week in which it seems I’m the only one who participated, apart from a random entry by Mark, TJ, K.T., and Angela. I’ve had far more fun with this than… Continue Reading →

How to photograph Christmas Lights

Photo-enthusiast blog Strobist shows you how to capture dazzling photos of Christmas-light displays. This tutorial isn’t so much about the method of nighttime shooting as it is framing your shot well and shooting your scene at the optimal time: The… Continue Reading →

Available Now – Adobe Photoshop CS3 Beta Download

Get the Beta while it’s available… read more | digg story

10 steps to a cooler Mac (yes, it’s possible)

If you’ve seen the light and converted to a Mac, then you’ll discover quickly that computing can not only be productive, but pain-free and even…. fun. Check out the links in this story to see how you can elevate your… Continue Reading →

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