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Year 2006

25 most influential churches

It’s a stellar list, I’ll have to admit. However, how do you really measure influence? These churches are either huge or have been hyped. Most of them are strong churches. However, do you ever notice that it’s always churches in… Continue Reading →

Our little runaway

Caro picked up the kids the other day, and apparently on the way home, Adelyn got crosswise with the family. She announced that she was “tired of being small,” entered the house, packed her suitcases and raincoat, and announced that… Continue Reading →

Smart by association

So, my high school buddy, Mark, left a comment on one of the high school blog entries. We haven’t kept up. Shame on me. However, as I traced him down through his website, it dawns on me that he’s a… Continue Reading →

Check out

90 second religion history lesson

Now if this isn’t the most education you’ve had in the shortest amount of time, I don’t know what is. Thanks to MapsofWar.

MacHeist Is a Bundle of Joy

I got more than 10 excellent Mac programs for under $50 and donated to charity. more | digg story

From thanks to Macs…

I was able to help out a friend and a great ministry over the weekend by loaning them my iBook G4 for some video editing. It’s a rather sneaky thing to do… loan someone a Mac. It produces eternal dissatisfaction… Continue Reading →

Buy Macbooks, iPods from Notes!

Just in time for the holidays and in stock!!! I’ve still got four Macbooks and a number of iPod nano’s available in just about every color imaginable. As the days count down to Christmas, spread the word that I’ve got… Continue Reading →

Help us, please.

For reasons beyond my understanding, it appears that the University of Arkansas has offered Houston Nutt a contract extension through 2012. Oboy. Six more years of astonishing mediocrity. reports that Nutt earns a base salary of $329,644 and has… Continue Reading →

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