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Month January 2007

Churches thinking inward…

What a great quote: Churches tend to primarily raise leaders to serve the internal needs of the church, rather than towards leading/developing others toward mission. Snatched it from and his continuing reflections on the GCA Conference.

Concubines allowed?!

You ever realized that you’ve just missed a great conference? When Ed Stetzer at the GCA Conference says this in a presentation, you know you should have been there: “There is more evidence from scripture for me to go out… Continue Reading →

What young adults “want” in a church

Lifeway Christian Research (Southern Baptist) recently concluded a study about why young adults are leaving the church today. In a summary article over at, they bring out the four things, according to Jim Johnston of Lifeway, that young adults… Continue Reading →

Lesser posts win the day…

Of all the posting I do here, (and some I used to feel were pretty significant), it’s a little depressing that my comments about the Razorbacks get the most hits… Sigh.

Out of control disciple

With all the posting on discipleship lately, I thought it would be appropriate to post Leonard Sweet’s rendition of his “Out of Control Disciple.” See it here.

Overheard in Monticello…

The sound of one hand clapping…

Now this should be good. Bill Gates will appear on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show Monday night to promote and answer questions about Windows Vista. When Gates himself has to trot out of hiding to promote an upcoming Microsoft launch, it’s… Continue Reading →

Huckabee to announce presidential bid is reporting that former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee will announce his bid for the 2008 U.S. Presidential Campaign on Monday. How did Arkansas governors become players in the national race for president? With Hillary and Obama already looking like… Continue Reading →

Practical eCommerce.. a must for small businesses

Besides the fact that a friend is the editor and that I’ve written for the magazine, Practical eCommerce is shaping up to be an informative, “practical,” hands-on and helpful resource for small business owners who desire an internet presence. I’d… Continue Reading →

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