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Month January 2007

Getcha some Pocket Tunes

Is that a rabbit in your pocket or…is it Pocket Tunes? I installed Pocket Tunes on my Treo 650 recently, and I’ve just got to say one thing… WOW. Really. I have never used my Treo much for music. I’ve… Continue Reading →

Madden 07 tourny

Coming soon to Dad’s Place: Madden 2007 tourny. Check it out over at the blog site.

Part God, part gumption

Andy White has an insightful post about a vision check he received recently. I think it also speaks volumes to the whole “Let go and let God” movement that can derail so many from taking holy initiative and having righteous… Continue Reading →

Innovative churches… or not?

You might recall my entry about the innovative church list that looked more like a popularity contest. Seems they caught more flack over it than they anticipated, and now there’s a rankable innovative church list that you can vote on… Continue Reading →

Stay tuned!

Oboy! WordPress 2.1 has been released. Notes is in the process of upgrading. Starting… NOW! Update: It took all of 20 minutes!

Baptist family tree

This interesting graphic from the Association of Religion Data Archives is just one of dozens you can pull up when doing research on the status of religion in America. Very interesting. It’s my Baptist Family Tree! (or is it a… Continue Reading →

Selfish prayer

Go now to Tim’s blog and read his entry about selfish prayer… Hey! I said, “Now!”

Jesus’ astonishment

In Matthew 7.28, the crowds were amazed at Jesus’ teaching “because he taught as one who had authority, and not as their teachers of the law.” However, just a few days later, we stumble across Matthew 8.10. Here, Jesus is… Continue Reading →

Harold Ockenga…

There’s a new post over at Ignorant Protestant by yours truly related to evangelicals, isolationism, and Harold Ockenga.

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