Life, adventure and faith from southwest Virginia

Day February 13, 2007

Vague wanderings about Disney

Here are some miscellaneous thoughts about our Disney experience. I’m sure more will come to me soon. These happened to strike me Friday night in the shower after our Wonderful Week of Disney and a long day at Epcot. A… Continue Reading →

Noncommunication says a lot

Hmmm. Wade continues to provide behind-the-scenes information relating to heavy-handed leadership in the Southern Baptist Convention this time at my alma mater, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. What do you think about this series of events as described in this post:… Continue Reading →

Discernment again…

At the risk of turning this column into a Challies’ dominated-one, I’ll try to move on to other blogs, but hey, I’m catching up from a week of no blog-reading… With that said, read Tim’s entry about spiritual discernment. I’ve… Continue Reading →

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