Life, adventure and faith from southwest Virginia

Day February 19, 2007

Complete Nutts

Did anyone else catch this last Friday? Houston Nutt’s been given a raise! By departing AD Frank Broyles. It sure seems like one of those last minute pardons a president or governor gives on the eve of his departure. I’m… Continue Reading →

A review of “The Guardian”

The Guardian by Andrew Davis I couldn’t help but think of the process of Christian discipleship as I watched this movie. A LOT of time spent with a few people produces incredible results. Allowing your “students” to experience life, hardship,… Continue Reading →

Broyles out!

I laughed when I Googled “Frank Broyles” this a.m. and saw this result. It expresses my feeling exactly. Yahoo! He’s gone. Apparently his leaving was not exactly on his own terms. According to KAIT News in Jonesboro, KHBS-KHOG reported that… Continue Reading →

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