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Month March 2007

My lookalikes

Thought I would do this again to see if I got better results. My number one lookalike was Condoleeza Rice. Just great. Thank goodness the new, improved site allows you to select which ones you want to show up…

Heath fired at UA

Like I said before, this is nutts. Wrong coach fired. Similar situations… Here’s the story: UA coach takes team much further than anyone anticipated. Team fails to make it to the big game. Coach is fired in one case, retained… Continue Reading →

When two become one…

Yes, this picture is real, and the entry about it over at Tim’s blog is not only fascinating but challenging.

Kindness runs rampant

When what to my wandering eyes should appear, but one Journey elder with leaf blower gear… I returned home this morning from a few hours at the church to discover TJ Files blowing the leaves in my front yard into… Continue Reading →

Ruining American Idol

Besides the fact that you can vote multiple times and that I loathe how AI consumes our lives each year at this time (Cmon, twice a week?! Give us a break.), now there’s another reason for AI to be a… Continue Reading →

I’m baaack

I’m back from my traveling and retreat and am looking forward to sharing with you some of gleanings from the past few days on my retreat. First of all, I must say that everyone needs a friend whom will allow… Continue Reading →

Don’t make me come over there..

Jim, this is for you…

Vista banned

I love it. I’m sorry to gloat in the failure of another, but this just makes me happy. The head muckity-muck group, the National Institute of Standards and Technology has placed a ban on Windows Vista. Read here to find… Continue Reading →

Is your god God?; Part 1

I plan on expounding greatly on this entry in later posts, but for a hint of where I’m going, check out this excellent post about God being God-centered over at The first proposition: Christians or church-goers reduce God’s identity… Continue Reading →

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