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Month March 2007

I say retreat!

I can feel it. I’m way overdue for some time to reflect, think, pray, and unload. I shared with our elders at Journey last week about my sense of being overwhelmed and was deeply grateful for their kind and loving… Continue Reading →

Struggling with salvation

Tim has an excellent post about Christians who struggle with their salvation. He promises to break it down into a series of entries, but in his first salvo, he gives three important affirmations about a person’s salvation: First, it is… Continue Reading →

Review: “State of Fear” (4 stars)

I’ve always enjoyed Michael Crichton’s work. I mean, the guy who brought us Jurassic Park is simply a great storyteller. However, in State of Fear, he pulls back the covers to reveal just how deeply many environmentalist groups have bedded… Continue Reading →

Helping high school grads transition to college

The Mayberry Church blog has a great podcast about helping incoming college Christians make a seamless integration of their faith with their new locale. When studies are showing that nearly 80% of churched youth drop out of the church in… Continue Reading →

For all you self-employed folks…

I won’t waste your time with even trying to add to the excellent entry that Andy White has over at his blog. It relates to the importance of positive self-talk for the self-employed person that often works alone. The “I… Continue Reading →

Visual DNA

Saw this over at KT’s and Shelley’s blogs… Mucho coolo. Read my VisualDNA™ Get your own VisualDNA™

Leaving schools behind

There may be a light at the end of the tunnel to ease federal restrictions caused by Bush’s No Child Left Behind initiative that has hamstrung states and local school districts, often forcing educators to “teach to the test” rather… Continue Reading →

Review: “A Generous Orthodoxy”

I enjoyed reading Brian McLaren’s emergent thesis book – A Generous Orthodoxy, but it left me with far more questions than the book could answer related to his actual positions on a few things. Only one chapter in the book… Continue Reading →

Expanding your Christian blog reading

Rick Warren wrote an entry a while back where he listed some Christian blogs he was aware of that are worth the reading. You might stop by and see if any of them are worth adding to your regular read… Continue Reading →

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