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Month April 2007

Review: “Looking for God in Harry Potter” (3 stars)

My dad recommended Looking for God in Harry Potter to me. My folks and I have all read all of the Potter books to date. I’ve pre-ordered the newest one to be released this summer. I didn’t really need a… Continue Reading →

Popularized idolatry gives back

Whoa. Did you see the total raised by last week’s American Idol “Gives Back“? It’s over $60 million so far… and counting. What do you think about that? What are is the historical and cultural perspective for this “instant” fund-raising… Continue Reading →

Yahooey! Apple up in spite of Vista

A story today over at AppleInsider relates that Apple’s market share continues to rise, in spite of the debut of Vista, Microsoft’s first major system revision in 5 years. Hoo hoo hoo ha ha ha. Blogged with Flock

Ode to the Drew Theater

It sits forlornly in the middle of Monticello, just south of Main Street. Alone and unused, it was once one of Monticello’s busiest and most entertaining sites for teenagers, families, friends, and out-of-towners. It’s the Drew Theater. Every small town… Continue Reading →

Is it fair?

Scott Adams, Dilbert creator, has a great post about “what is fair?” To him, fairness is in the eye of the beholder, apparently. Check it out here.

Dancing with the Stars in Monticello

I can feel my eyes crossing already. This weekend is Kim’s Dance Factory’s annual dance recital(s). The recital is actually composed of two three-hour recitals, one for the younger students and one for the older students. There are a few… Continue Reading →

Speak up

Ron Luce says that “those who speak up shape the culture.” I totally agree. So why are you silent… inactive… apathetic? Make the world a better place. Make someone else’s life more enjoyable. Invest. Engage. Matter.

New design

I’m pleased to present to you the new design for Notes from the Trail. Let me know what you think, and what you’d like to see in the future. For a designer who’s also a cheapo, it was hard to… Continue Reading →

Can the world move without you?

Andy hits another homerun as he talks about how disconnecting from high tech can actually reconnect you with high touch. Oooo.

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