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Day April 12, 2007

20/20 to air report on “Preacher Predators”

It seems the media has just discovered that there are sinners among church leaders. After highly publicized reports into abuses by the Catholic church in the past three years, ABC’s news program 20/20 will tackle “Preacher Predators” in the Protestant… Continue Reading →

Time to encourage another blogger-wife

My poor wifey. She has not blogged in a while. Methinks it’s because her last 5 entries received no comments. Could you please stop by and encourage her. She always has good stuff to say or great pics to share…… Continue Reading →

Browse faster

I appreciated the web browser review over at Macintalk Design. It pits the different web browsers available for the Mac up against one another in one category: speed. While I think features are an important part of my browser of… Continue Reading →

What’s your brand of church?

Geoff over at Inner Revolution has an insightful post that pleads for common vision and mission over trendy church lingo. For example, you can’t read much these days about how a church relates with culture without hearing these words: attractional,… Continue Reading →

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