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Month April 2007

What do you want from Jesus?

Matthew 20 is just a cool passage of Scripture. I could camp out there for days. It demonstrates Jesus’ wisdom and generosity in the parable of the workers; it reveals His foreknowledge and understanding of His mission as He predicted… Continue Reading →

I kissed a man today…

Aaah.. Mac’s Photobooth is a time waster. But it’s still April, so silliness reigns.

Review: “Disciples Are Made, Not Born” (3 stars)

I really had high hopes for this book when i saw its title on Amazon. In fact, a friend graciously bought this for me from my wishlist. As I began it, I even quoted from it on a previous post…. Continue Reading →

Gender genie

Whew. Am I ever relieved! Was passed on this link that could determine your gender from a blog post, so with trepidation, I tried it. I’m the man, sir.

Jott Review

I first learned about Jott in a comment over at the Swerve blog in a post about Twitter. You may have seen that post yesterday. I was intrigued by the idea that by calling a free phone number and leaving… Continue Reading →

Alas, Sanjayah, we will miss thee…

American Idol just became un-fun. When the results came in last night and Sanjaya was booted from the show, my wifey jumped up and down, screaming at the top of her lungs in ecstatic joy. I was shocked. Embarrassed. That… Continue Reading →

Free advertising for killers

Tim Sanders has two powerful posts that I first noticed over at MMI. I think he’s right on. What do you think? Here’s an excerpt: The video [of Cho] proclaims that “I die like Jesus Christ, to inspire generations of… Continue Reading →

Modern parable

Dean has written what may be the best blog post I’ve ever read. It is convicting, inspiring and insightful into the hiddenness of God. He uses an article by Gene Weingarten at the Washington Post to share with us a… Continue Reading →

Get a Mac… the latest

I hope you’ve made your weekly stop over at the Apple site to watch the new commercials? Here’s one of the latest.

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