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Month May 2007

You’re invited on a new Journey…

I think Jenny may have said it the best, but hear it here as well: YOU’RE INVITED TO JOURNEY! We’d love to have you join our group of imperfect people in imperfect pursuit of a perfect God. It’s been my… Continue Reading →

Ode to a librarian

I sent my mom an email this morning in response to her retirement reception that my family attended ysterday. She concluded a 33-year tenure at Pulaski Academy as the lower school librarian (she usually corrects me and says “media specialist”… Continue Reading →

City sales tax…

Jason has a great blog entry questioning the need for an ongoing sales tax in our town when the city cannot even fully account for where it’s spent the last $15+ million. For those of you wanting to know, I’d… Continue Reading →

Jesus ranks top in revised Wikipedia articles

For those of you familiar with Wikipedia, you know that it is a user-contributed encyclopedia. Articles on any topic can be edited, added to, and revised by users. First of all, that should make Wikipedia your first stop, but definitely… Continue Reading →

A cup of brown goodness

For guys like me who are computer jockies, really hard work is rather inconsistent. Most of the rest of you do your best to avoid it as well. However, since Monday, I’ve been putting in anywhere from 5-8 hours of… Continue Reading →

Seven worst communication-killers

Over at MMI, there’s a great article that details the following “7 Worst Communication Habits for Church Staff.” The seven no-no’s are taken directly from a leadership article on the CEO Refresher website, but Todd gives them practical application to… Continue Reading →

A church move

I’ll be away from the computer most of the week as we are in process of moving our church from where it’s rented for the past three years to our very first owned location! This will be our seventh location… Continue Reading →

A Mormon married to a Christian… the story

Sherri Day has published a story over at about a Kentucky Southern Baptist who has been married to a devout Mormon for 25 years. It is interesting story of commitment, faith, and truth. Throw in the wrinkle that the… Continue Reading →

Improving your Christian blog

Adrian Warnock had the opportunity to attend Tim Challies‘ blog seminar recently, and he kindly posted some of the notes from that conference for our benefit. Here are some highlights: Evangelism — the nature of blogs results in people gravitating… Continue Reading →

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