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Day May 17, 2007

iPhone coming soon!

It’s almost here. Read what one industry insider is saying about how the iPhone is already beating estimates!

Dads know everything…

Overheard on Justin Blanton’s blog:  I wonder how long it’s going to take my future kid to figure out that I don’t know everything, and that every time I say, “we’ll talk about it later,” I’m actually just buying time… Continue Reading →

Ode to Jerry Falwell

Tall Skinny Kiwi says that Falwell will be remembered for “TV ministry, money issues (did he really receive 3.5 million from the Moonies), fundamentalism, politics, Moral Majority, Religious Right, Liberty University, welcoming Catholics, lawsuits with Penthouse and Hustler, overplaying his… Continue Reading →

More reasons why MySpace stinks…

Many of you know that I hate My Space. It’s not a social site; it’s a parasite. There are just too many reasons to count why. I’d invite you to share your #1 reason why you hate MySpace. While you’re… Continue Reading →

Identity crisis

Will the real Jeff Noble please stand up? OK, I know there are more Jeff Noble’s out there. I’ve looked on Google. I know all of you have “Googled” yourself before too. What’s strange is that there are several designers… Continue Reading →

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